constction materials

Elitspace provides various construction materials ranging from ready-mix concrete, cement, asphalt, and aggregates.
Aggregate– they are the natural resources that form the building blocks of the kenya’s construction industry. They are sourced from quarry sites across Kenyan landscape and form the key materials in production of concrete, asphalt and cement.
Cement– It is mixed with water and aggregate to form concrete. It is the binder that ensures concrete weather resistance, durability and adaptability.
Ready-Mix– This is a highly versatile construction material for making almost everything from curbs to kitchen counter. Our ready-mix is made of a flexible recipe characteristics to enable construction of product of any shape, color and texture.
Asphalt– Asphalt is formed by combining liquid asphalt and aggregate to construct all-weather roads. We produce quality asphalt suitable for Kenyan roads ranging from the rift valley landscape to arid areas of North Eastern.